Friday, March 4, 2011


We examined an online "How To" for helping to save a choking dog. We pointed out many features of these instructions that we saw as problematic. What were some of the flaws? What were some of the strengths of that set of instructions?


  1. Some problematic features on the choking dog instructions were the graphics. The graphic showed the dog being put in an awkward position which would probably hurt the dog rather than help it. The graphic was also not in the proper place relative to the instructions that it was describing. The steps were also confusing as to which step came first. The steps were not clear in labeling and notes. Pretty much the worst instructions on how to save a dog.

  2. A problem with the instructions were the graphics associated with some of the steps. They didn't look like they were giving the dog much help but hurting the dog. For example, the graphic were the person is holding the dog by its hind legs upside down looked painful to the dog. The strength of the instructions would be giving the reader a realization of how he/she would save a dog if it were really choking. It makes the reader think about how to properly save a dog from choking.

  3. The instructions did not have clear flow. Specifically headings did not line up and sub-steps could not easily be identified. Also the illustrations were not representative of the instructions. The instructions were, however, easy to understand if you could ignore the problematic indenting