Monday, March 28, 2011

Annotated bibliography

Have you ever created an annotated bibliography before now? If so, when? In our instance, how do you think the exercise of completing the annotated bibliography will help you with the ultimate construction of your report?
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Primary research

What kind of graphics will you use to convey or accompany your "primary research" in your final report? Will these graphics serve the purpose of making technical details comprehensible to a non-expert audience? What problems with this conveyance of information do you foresee?
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Friday, March 4, 2011


We examined an online "How To" for helping to save a choking dog. We pointed out many features of these instructions that we saw as problematic. What were some of the flaws? What were some of the strengths of that set of instructions?

Different audiences

In a business setting, concerning workplace documents, might a technical writer fall victim to the use of logical fallacies? If so, how? Your book might help you think of an example. In regard to the images such business documents employ, might these also be compromised is terms of ethics? How can a business graphic appeal to the reader's sense of the company's credibility or to the reader's emotion or logic?